Nick and Holly's Wedding

Friday: Tux Fitting August 31st, 2007

Tuxes for the groomsmen will be ready to try on after 12:30PM this Friday. We're trying to gather everyone at Cromwell's at 4:15PM for the fitting and spend an evening playing games and generally unwinding. If you're interested and can make it, great. If not, that's fine, too. The only strict requirement is that you arrive at Cromwell's between 12:30PM and 7:30PM and actually try on your tux. Final payment is due at that time.

Wedding Day September 2nd, 2007

Bridal Veil Lakes is open to us at 8:00AM. We would like anyone in the wedding party, ushers, and any other helpers who are willing and able to assist with the setup process to arrive at their earliest convenience.

8:00AM - Bridal Veil Lakes opens.

9:00AM - We will start the setup process early in the day to ensure everyone has time to cool down and get dressed in time for picture.

Ceremony Site:

  • setup chairs
  • lay down rose petals
  • ribbons and other miscelaneous chair decoration
  • move / decorate arch trellis
  • Rick and Nancy's gear
  • microhpone for guests
  • microphone for videographer
  • videographer and photographer camera positioning

Reception Site:

  • audio equipment
  • cloth in rafters at dance site
  • hang lanterns
  • gift table / sign in table
  • picture matte signing / slideshow table
The caterers, bakers, and rental companies, photographer, and videographer will be arriving throughout the day.

2:00PM - Pictures start. We ask that our parents, the wedding party, flower girls, and officiant, all take this into account when planning their day.

3:00PM - Everyone assisting with the wedding should plan to arrive at 3:00PM. This includes videographer, parking assistants, and anyone else with "offical" duties.

3:30PM - Guests start arriving. We immagine that guests will start arriving in volume around this time frame.

4:00PM - Ceremony starts.

Wedding start time. August 5th, 2007

The wedding will start at 4:00PM on September 2nd, 2007.

Gift registries, invitations, and cake, oh my. August 2nd, 2007

The details are starting to come together. The invitations are out and the cake has been ordered. We think you'll all like our selection. It is a little non-traditional, but oh so very tasty. We've also put together several gift registries for those who're interested. See our registry page for the details.

Holly with her boquet photo by T.N. Bridesmaids with umbrellas photo by New Moon Photography Wedding Party photo by New Moon Photography Bridesmaids leaning photo by New Moon Photography Bride and Groom dancing, photo by J.B. photo by J.B.