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Pastor Gordon "Cork" Erickson


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Pastor Cork Erickson

He's quoted as once being a "rebellious, clean hippy" ("Clean" because he liked the Hippy ideology but unlike his contemporaries, he liked taking showers; but he did have the long hair and the spirit of the age to counter his cleanliness!) Once, even, this eventual pastor stole communion wine from priests at the University of Portland. After he married his lovely wife Sue, he made her go to work while he waited at home watching his soap operas anticipating the next party. Yes, he was a rebel. But all that changed when he encountered the all encompassing, passionate love of Jesus. As he says, he died to the rebel and "bowed the knee" to Jesus. Since then, he has joined in the effort and passion of others, who love Jesus, to proclaim the love of Christ and to do whatever it takes to bring them in. Cork and his wife, Sue, worked with Mt. Hood Baptist Church for a few years before migrating back to their old stomping grounds, North Portland (No Po), and starting a new church (that actually started from a Bible study in their home that multiplied to the point where they were ready to begin a church) there called New Life. Cork has been serving New Life for 27 years. Cork is still married to Sue and they have four children Erin, Samuel, David, and Gabe. Cork enjoys movies, building fires for his wife, selling used cars, being with family, and making denominational jokes with his pastor friends.

Sue smiling while sitting in a chair Sue meeting children in India Sue and Cork Sue, Cork, Erin, Samuel, David, and Gabe