Here are some of my favorite people. I'll be adding pictures as time permits.

Here's a picture of us in December of 2000.

Here's a picture of us 2 years later, at our wedding.

Here's my adorable little brother, David Jacob. He's even more adorable in person! :)

This is my sometimes sweet, usually sassy little sister, Meredith.

Here's my sister Rachel with my Dad at my wedding.

This is a picture of (left to right) Angela, Leslie, myself, and Bridget. I believe this is right before we all graduated from high school.

:) This is a picture of all four of us at Angela's wedding in April of 2001.

This picture is of one of my best friends who passed away in July of 2001. She's in a lot of my pictures, some of which I have on this page. This one is at a Raymond Easterly concert in Louisiana.

This is one of Leslie's graduation pictures... beautiful as always :-)

This is a picture of (Left to right) Crystal, Angela, me, and Julie. This was taken around 1995-1997 I guess, at church camp.