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I'm an electrical engineer with experience in embedded programming, UNIX/Linux development, Perl programming, web development, electronics research, and UNIX system administration, in the Hillsboro/Beaverton/Portland, Oregon area. I am currently employed, but always open to considering other possibilities. Please contact me for details.

Skills Include:

  • Linux applications and distributions
  • Embedded systems
  • Firmware
  • Open Source development (including Linux kernel drivers)
  • Networking
  • Security & cryptography
  • SQL database programming
  • Software validation
  • Perl programming
  • Telecommunications
Programming LanguagesC, Perl, Python, Bash scripting, Assembly (x86, PPC, MIPS), TCL, Expect, CUPL
RTOS and other Embedded OSVarious Linux (including Yocto and CGL), Wind River Nucleus Plus
Embedded ArchitecturesX86 SoC (Atom), XScale/ARM, MPC/PPC, 80186, 8051
Debuggers/SimulatorsSimcs, Intel ITP, EST/Wind River VisionProbe, VisionICE, VisionClick, GDB, Perl debugger
TelecommunicationsPON, ATM, SONET, TDM, TL1, SNMP, PICMG/IPMI (CompactPCI, AdvancedTCA)
Operating SystemsUNIX (Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD), Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows (3.1-10)
Source ControlGit, Subversion, Perforce, Rational ClearCase, CVS
Defect TrackingJIRA, Rational ClearDDTS, ClearQuest, Merant PVCS Tracker, Bugzilla

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