I never thought the love of my life would be short, bald, and only have two teeth!

Jacob is now 14 months old. He is independent, he loves to smile and laugh, especially if it means showing off those seven teeth! He's very interested in people and lunges at people we don't know! He loves food, especially if it's on someone else's plate! He's learning to feed himself, and he eats almost constantly. He eats healthy food, and we have yet to find a food he dislikes! He loved to talk, even though it sometimes seems like a different language. He loves to ask "What's this?", though his favorite word is currently "Hi". Probably because whenever he says it, someone responds. He loves to talk on the phone, and everything is "Oooooohhhh" or "Wow". Anytime someone says "Yay" or "Good job" he claps, anytime someone says "Bye" or "See you later" he waves. He's definetly adorable, but he knows it!!!

Jacob is one of the most adorable, funniest babies I've ever seen. If he's tired but wants to play, he pauses occasionally to lay his head on whatever surface is nearby, even if it *is* the floor! He loves to give kisses with a wide open mouth and lots of saliva. My favorite thing to do is blow raspberries on his neck. He laughs with a big belly laugh, and grabs my face to return the favor. He opens his mouth as wide as he can, sticks it to my face, and goes "Aaahhhhhhhh". Nobody has ever been cuter!

For those of you who want more pictures of Jacob, Bubba's page has an assortment for your viewing pleasure.