SDL Perl Snapshots

As SDL Perl develops, we'll make snapshots available here. There's no guarantee they work beautifully or wonderfully, but we'll do our best to keep the tests passing everywhere. When things are sufficiently beautiful, we'll put them on the CPAN.

Please note that this version lags slightly behind SDL-Perl 2.x, available from the CPAN. My current goal is to improve the build process and then merge in more invasive patches to join that branch. If you need new features, try the CPAN code. If you're not using an up-to-date free Unix workalike, please try the snapshots here and see if you can help us build on your platform.

11 February 2005

The latest SDL Perl snapshot fixes still more build problems and adds documentation. If you have trouble making the build work on your platform, please read perldoc build_lib/SDL/ and figure out what's wrong with your platform-specific build module. I think Windows is still broken though.

22 September 2004

The latest SDL Perl snapshot fixes a build error on Darwin (and, by extension, Mac OS X). If that weren't enough, it looks for different OpenGL libraries on Windows. Someday, we'll figure that one out.

17 August 2004

Tonight's snapshot updates the tutorials so that you can actually write the demo files with the appropriate command line invocation. You'll need Pod::ToDemo 0.20, though.

12 July 2004

Thanks to hints and suggestions from Wayne Keenan, I've added Cygwin support. Please try the latest SDL Perl snapshot if you might be able to test the build there.

17 April 2004

Thanks to bbfu on Perl Monks, I've now actually included the Win32 build file in the latest SDL Perl snapshot. If you know anything about building software on Windows, not only are you way ahead of me, but you're very valuable to our fiendish plans of making good software available to everyone who wants it.

26 February 2004

This snapshot revises the Unix build process (but it still works for me) and adds preliminary support for building on Win32. This may be horribly broken there, but at least there's actual code, which is more than we can say for the previous several snapshots. As usual, grab the latest SDL Perl snapshot to help.

24 February 2004

Dave has returned, releasing 2.1.0 to the CPAN. These snapshots serve as a testing branch for new ideas and code cleanups. We're integrating Dave's changes and will continue to polish the code, documentation, tutorials, and build process. As usual, grab the latest SDL Perl snapshot for more.

21 January 2004

The latest SDL Perl snapshot should now build the SDL_ttf extension correctly. We hope.

17 January 2004

The latest SDL Perl snapshot now forces everyone to use Module::Build to build things. This should shake out any remaining bugs in the build process (not that I'm looking forward to fixing them, mind you.) It also writes SDL::Config to keep track of which subsystems you have compiled in, so as to run the tests better.

10 January 2004

The latest SDL Perl snapshot not only passes all tests on GNU/Linux PPC (a bit of an odd platform, admittedly), but it should build on FreeBSD, NetBSD, and possibly even Mac OS X. If you have one of these platforms, please try it out and report your results to the development list. Oh yeah, there's one new tutorial and one bugfix in an old tutorial. Very highly recommended.

06 January 2004

Download the latest version of SDL Perl here. This includes and supersedes the SDL::OpenGL module below. This version should build well on any free Unix. Win32 is still probably a little wacky. Mac OS X is probably right out. This version includes a new tutorial on using and animating images!

31 December 2003

Download the latest version of SDL::OpenGL here.

More to come.