Parrot SDL Resources

20 May 2004

Today's snapshot adds a patch from Jens Rieks to improve event handling (and make Parrot Tetris work again). I've also cleaned up the code a bit more.

11 May 2004

Today's snapshot fixes a couple of bugs and adds the SDL::Constants module. Nice.

09 May 2004

The latest snapshots add raw pixel access, as suggested by Nick Glencross. See examples/sdl/raw_pixels.imc. It's almost as fast as I can make it, which is much faster than it was earlier this afternoon. Also, the font example is back.

02 May 2004

SDL::Font has made an appearance along with examples/sdl/blue_font.imc. You'll need the SDL_ttf library installed and a TrueType font file in your current directory for this to run, however.

In a somewhat shocking turn, I also discovered that all of the work last week in getting out parameters to work was completely unnecessary to make this example work. Oh well, at least it's nicer for everyone everywhere now!

Download the latest Parrot SDL Libraries and Parrot SDL Examples.

28 April 2004

Thanks to the patchmonster pumpking, SDL::Surface::update_rects() now can update as many rects as you can pass in. Note that the interface has changed slightly.

Oh yeah, and with smaller updates — bugfixes and the like — I don't always make a note here. The links below will always lead to the freshest code. Hooray for symlinks!

19 April 2004

Added bounce_parrot_logo.imc to demonstrate the new SDL::Event handle_event() method that handles one incoming event at a time. I've also added bindings for SDL_GetError(), though nothing yet exposes it. The links below will always lead to the freshest code.

17 April 2004

Download the latest Parrot SDL Libraries and Parrot SDL Examples. These have documentation for absolutely everything you need to know — including in the examples — and a few things you don't. You will need to check Parrot out of CVS for these to work. You'll probably need to extract these within your top level parrot/ CVS directory, but if you're cleverer than I, you might get away with another scheme. Just don't ask me about it if things break. :)

Please note: For now, you must run the example programs with the environment variable CALL__BUILD set to 1. See the documentation within the examples for, well, examples.

15 April 2004

Read the Parrot SDL talk I gave at the Portland Perl Mongers on 14 April 2004.

Parrot SDL Status

15 April 2004

Today's work cleaned up the layouts quite a bit and converted all of the classes to use the new initializer format. Hopefully Leo will enable that feature by default. Until that happens, run all of the examples with the CALL__BUILD environment variable set to a true value.

Also note that SDL::Sprite now reads the image's dimensions from the image itself, if you do not pass in any other values to use.

Next up, documentation of the example files. Then all that's left to do before checking the code into CVS is to wait for Leo to enable the automatic initializer PMC passing code. See above.