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I like writing Perl programs. To me, the language is beautiful, and code just seems to flow artistically. I also like solving problems (especially weird problems I make up). I end up writing a lot of Perl programs in my spare time to do weird things. Here are some samples. Maybe they'll be useful to somebody else.

Perl Modules

My modules on CPAN

GTFS data programs

These programs do various things with Google Transit Feed Specification data.

Programs for D-Link DI-614+

These small programs interact with a D-Link DI-614+ access point/NAT mangler to retrieve various information through its built-in mini-webserver. They use Net::Netrc (~/.netrc) to retrieve login information, and display localized dates, assuming your 614+ is set to GMT (maybe I could make them verify that fact). I've abandoned trying to get daylight savings time set correctly on what is pretty much just a network infrastructure device anyway.

I've hardcoded my 614's hostname as a default in most of these because I'm lazy. You might want to modify it unless you're more lazy now than when you run it.

vCalendar/iCalendar utils

Here are some quick utils to work with vcalendar and icalendar data.